What we do

Helping companies succeed

The demand for quantity and quality of healthcare continues to expand at a rate that overwhelms supply. Often improved approaches to addressing these problems are available through innovative ideas, scientific advances and lateral, creative thinking but too often the investment, management and implementation skills to make new approaches a practical reality are missing.

This gap provides opportunities to create and develop profitable and high growth businesses with the right capital and management structures that bridge the gap between medical and scientific innovation and commercially successful application. MedInnovate supports companies to succeed in the global marketplace. This is done by:

  • Identifying opportunities through a network of universities, practising doctors, business experts, financial sources and larger companies.
  • Assessing and evaluating opportunities through our own expertise and experience supplemented, where necessary, by external experts.
  • Investing in opportunities through our own funds, sometimes including other sources for significant transactions.
  • Supporting and driving success in businesses where we invest through our active engagement in their building, operations and development.


The MedInnovate Directors have over more than 20 years conducted both small strategy projects with the highest level of client and carried out some of the largest change programme and post merger integration projects in the industry. We continue to advise and support senior management as they deal with the issues of what their organisations should be and how that is to be achieved.

Small companies need world class management skills but often find these hard to access in their early years. MedInnovate Directors take executive, non executive and advisory roles for companies in our portfolio. In some this may mean taking an intensive role for a critical period such as a fund raising or fulfilling an ongoing role helping the board with key issues and decisions on a more ad hoc basis.