Clients and Investments

Strategic investments in emerging companies

We make strategic investments in emerging companies that we believe have outstanding products or services that address significant global markets and excellent management teams. This often involves supporting the establishment of new businesses around exciting technologies. Having made such investments the MedInnovate team support the business through mechanisms such as taking Non-Executive Board seats, creating networks and introductions and advising on strategies and financing options. We are open to approaches from exciting start-up companies seeking investment, and to inquiries about companies within our portfolio.


BioAnaLab was a specialised biopharmaceutical Contract Research Organisation that helped pharmaceutical companies complete trials successfully by analysing biological therapeutics such as antibodies, vaccines, recombinant proteins, cytokines and growth hormones. It was successfully sold in 2009 to Millipore achieving a x6.5 return for investors.


Oxtex was founded in 2011. It is a spinout medical device company from the University of Oxford that is developing self-inflating tissue expanders for temporary surgical implantation. Their technology allows accurate control of the speed, extent and direction of expansion to enable improved patient outcomes from surgery. The skin expanders (under the trade name Expaniderm) have demonstrated effectiveness and safety in veterinary applications for dogs and horses and will start human trials soon.

Glide Technologies

Glide Technologies is a clinical stage development company focused on solid dose formulations of therapeutics and vaccines. Glide has a growing pipeline of products based on its proprietary solid dose injector, the Glide SDI® , which offers the potential of improved compliance in long term therapy and enhanced immune responses to vaccines. Glide’s pipeline of solid dose formulations includes octreotide, teriparatide (PTH 1-34), exenatide and anthrax and influenza vaccines.

Native Antigen Company

The Native Antigen Company specialises in the purification of viral and bacterial antigens for in vitro diagnostics manufacturers. It also provides an adenovirus purification capability and a screening service for anti-cancer drug compounds.

PsiOxus Therapeutics

PsiOxus Therapeutics was formed from the merger of Hybrid and Myotec. It has products which treat cancer, and potentiate vaccines. Lead products include an oncolytic virus and an anabolic agent for treating cachexia.


Kinapse provides consulting and outsourcing to the pharmaceutical industry and has a turnover of £27 million and over 500 employees in UK, US and India. Kinapse was in the Sunday Time Fast Track top 100 UK Growth Companies for 2013, 2014 & 2015 (as well as the SME Export Track 100). Named as an International Growth Hero by the Mayor of London in 2016. Attracted investment from Synova Capital in 2012. In February 2016 the business was sold to HgCapital realising a 75x return for the initial investors, and a 16.1x return for Synova.


Parafricta have a range of medical devices using their proprietary technology to protect fragile skin from damage caused by friction and shear. They have a range of products including bootees and undergarments protecting vulnerable areas from shear damage which can lead to pressure ulcers, rubbing and skin damage from skin conditions such as Eczema or tenderness and damage caused by radio-therapy for example for prostate cancer. A range of specialist bedding including a babynest and incubator liners protect the vulnerable skin of premature infants, special sheets for Parkinson patients , and currently under trial in the Bristol burns unit bedding for the added comfort and reduced friction on burns patients. Products are now on the market in the UK, approved by FDA and EU agencies. The bootees are the mentioned in the NICE Pressure Ulcer prevention pathway.


MicroVisk is developing micro electro-mechanical sensors that accurately measure fluid viscosity. An early application is in measuring blood clotting, potentially enabling more accurate measurements of dosages in anti-clotting therapies.


CNBioInnovations is the human organ-chip technology company whose Liverchip and Quantum B human liver models are being well received as a disruptive route to liver modelling for Hepatitis B & NASH drug discovery and ADME tox testing. They were recognised by USA defence agency as first to meet the objective of a functioning multiple human organ-chip platform. They provide disease models for drug discovery and testing in liver, platforms for new disease model development and undertake their own drug discovery. They have been featured in Bloomberg, Economist, Aljazeera , and BBC world science focus programmes.